MEDIK 1000 F.R.

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Is an extremely compact hydrophilic membrane:

  • Absorbs or retains water inside or on its surface
  • It acts as a moisture transporter

Between the two environments a pressure gradient is created which draws outside the heat and humidity present in cantact with the skin.

The membrane is interposed between two or more tissues to which it is welded. We will therefore have an external material welded to one side of the membrane and an inner lining combined with the other side. We remind you that the choice of fabrics to match the membrane is a fundamental requirement to determine the final characteristic of the product. It is important to assess the overall quality of the coating. The characteristics of the coupling fabrics influence the characteristic of the finished product.

data sheet

Caratteristiche / CharacteristicsMetodo di prova / Test MethodUnità / UnitValore / Value
Composizione / CompositionISO 1833 o ISO 5088%51 % PU- 49 % PES
Peso totale / Total weight ISO 3801EN29073/1g/m²170 + 5 %
Spessore / ThicknessUNI 9947mm0,40 + 10%
Larghezza / Usable width ISO 3932cm140 + 1 %
Lunghezza rotolo / Length roll////////////mt50 + 1 %
Resistenza alla luce/ Light resistance BS-EN-ISO-105-B02Scala dei blue Bluescale>5
Resistenza del colore allo sfregamento secco e umido Colour fastness to dry and wet rubbing resistanceBS-EN-ISO-105-X12Scala dei grigi Greyscale5
Impermeabilità/ Waterproof EN 2081193cm>200
Resistenza all’abrasione /Abrasion resistanceUNI EN ISO 12947- 2:2000Cicli Cycles >100.000
Resistenza al fuoco Fire resistance

UNI 9175:2010 Classe 1.IM

Care Instruction//////